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Monster Mash
Halloween 2022

What do you get when you ask take a typical spooky Halloween party and mix it with crazy Calartians? The Monster Mash! 

Staff Producer: Evan Friedman | 2022 CalArts Halloween Production Team

2022 Production Team

Main Stage Scenic Design: Natalie Gandolf 

Main Stage Lighting Design: Matt Duran & Soowan Ann

Monster Bar Scenic Design: Sally Cho & Hongju Lee

Monster Bat Lighting Design: Cad Apostol 

Chill Space Scenic Design: Jennifer Park & 

Chill Space Lighting Design: Evan Brownell 

Skeleton Food Station Scenic and Lighting Design: Becky King

Hallway Scenic Design: Ryan Meglino & Nick Sasano 

Hallway Lighting Design: Miles Karraa

Video Design: Zoe Lappin

Technical Direction: Kenzie Caufield, Gigi Moreno, Tasha Cook

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